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We publish answers to questions which are of general interest submitted by our customers on this page.

If you don't find an answer to your questions on this page, please contact our Hotline with any technical questions you may have.

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Counting Word files

Uninstalling TextCount 5
Upgrading from TextCount 5 to TextCount 6
Updating to a current version of TextCount 6
Error message “RPC Server unavailable”
What rights and permissions does a user require to work with TextCount?
How is TextCount installed in a network?
I have to press the Paper Eject button on the printer when printing out the invoice.


TextCount 5

Q 1: Do I need to uninstall the old Version 5.xx beforehand or does the update to Version 6.xx overwrite the old version?

A 1: Version 5.xx is totally separate from Version 6.xx. Both versions can be installed separately.

Q 2: How do I uninstall the previous Version 5.3?

A 2: Unfortunately, the old version did'nt have an uninstall program. However, it'll suffice if you delete the directory/folder containing Version 5.xx in Windows Explorer.


Upgrading from
TextCount 5 to TextCount 6

Q: I've installed TextCount 5. How can I can upgrade to TextCount 6?

You can order an upgrade on our Order page.
If you want to test
TextCount 6 first, please install the test version from the Download area. You can then easily install a licensed version on top of it at a later date.


Updating to a current version of
TextCount 6

Q: There's a new version of TextCount 6. How can I update the older version which is installed on my PC?

A: Download the test/update version from the Download area and install this on your PC. Install the new version to the same directory as the existing version. The installation routine suggests this directory by default.


Error message “RPC Server unavailable”

Q: TextCount aborts counting a Word file with error message "RPC Server unavailable". If I convert the file to RTF beforehand, I can count it with no problems.

A: As of Version 6, TextCount launches Word in the background when counting Word documents and initially converts the file to RTF. This RTF file is then counted. If the RPC Server (for whatever reason) crashes before or when launching by TextCount, this means that TextCount can't launch Word.

This problem might also occur if you've already launched Word. We thus advise you (Manual/Online Help) to close Word first before counting Word files with TextCount.
This error message is also displayed if Word has been closed shortly before starting counting, i.e. Word is not yet completeley closed. Please wait some seconds and restart counting.


Q: What rights and permissions does a user require to work with

A: You require the following rights and permissions on your Windows system to work with TextCount:

  • Read permissions in the TextCount program directory; write permissions if you wish to change profiles in this directory (also standard.tpf).
  • You require write permissions in the registry under path “HKCU/Software/Linguaware/TextCount”
  • Note: You'll need administrator privileges to install and uninstall TextCount.
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    Q: How is
    TextCount installed in a network?

    A: Each individual TextCount license must be installed locally on the client.


    I have to press the Paper Eject button on the printer when printing out the invoice.

    A: Unfortunately, the Report Generator used by TextCount has a problem in conjunction with certain printer drivers, i.e. the paper isn't ejected when printing is complete. The printed invoice is ejected only when you press the 'Eject' button on the printer.

    As far as we're aware, this problem primarily occurs on HP printers of the LaserJet Series. At present, we've no possibility of remedying this problem before an update is available for the Report Generator used.



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