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Dear Erhard,

Thank you very much for the demo - what an improvement! Yes, I would like to have the update TextCount 6.0 for  €39.00. I currently use TextCount 5.3 A50.

I recommend your software to anyone who will listen, and I would like to forward the demo to one customer who has expressed an interest. With your permission, of course.

The first impression of the new version is that it has a much more professional-looking user interface than the old one. Many thanks

Thanks for the update. I like it a lot!

Dear Mr. Strobel,
Following the rule "if it ain't broke, don't fix it“, I didn't install the new program before I went on holiday. Now I am back, and have just installed it.
It's great that I no longer have to get stressed out trying to identify file names. The program now does just what I want it to do.
Thank you very much - I won't forget to recommend it to other people in the future!

Thank you very much for sending me the latest  version of TextCount 6.0. It has some excellent new features!

I have just used the new version of TextCount 6.0, and I am very happy with it.
I will tell other people about your program too!

Thank you for sending me the update. I have just paid the charge for it online.
I installed the program, and found it a lot easier to print out the list of selected files than in the previous version.

Many, many thanks for the super-quick delivery and the manual. I have just transferred the charge, and am extremely pleased with the new version of TextCount, not least because I can now count Excel files.

Dear TextCount-builder,
The user interface alone was worth the wait, and not just because it can handle long file names! I am also very pleased to see that I can now use different counting profiles!



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